Juicy Details Apple Sourz Suds

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Juicy Details Apple Sourz Suds will cut through dirt and grime with ease. Despite this it will not strip existing layers of wax being a PH neutral shampoo. Our ingredients will give a smooth feel as you wash exterior surfaces clean. Apple Bombs ability to give long lasting suds which will help lift dirt and grime particles safely away. As a concentrate shampoo only needing 1-2 capfuls added to your wash bucket, makes our shampoo great value for money.

Juicy Details Apple Sourz is a bright luminous green coloured shampoo with a refreshing Apple scent.

How to use:
Pre-Rinse or Snow Foam to loosen any dirt and grit. Add approximately 1-2 cap fulls to a bucket of clean water and scratch guard. Thoroughly soak wash mitt in the bucket and then apply to your cars surface while still wet using you wash mitt to thoroughly clean. Finally rinse off using hose or pressure washer.

Available in 500ml bottles.