AngelWax Bilberry Wheel Wax

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AngelWax Bilberry Wheel Wax has been formulated to protect your alloy wheels for up to 6 months by creating a barrier on the surface of the wheel. This protective coating prevents the build of brake dust and traffic film and makes these contaminants much easier to remove when cleaning.

Each of our Angelwax formulations is hand poured in small batches ensuring that only the very finest bespoke detailing product carries our trademark.

How to Use:
Bilberry Protective Wheel Sealant is a hard wax and only a very light application is required to coat each wheel. Apply Bilberry Protective Wheel Sealant to a cool, clean dry wheel and leave for approximately 5/10 minutes before removing. For best results apply a second coat to provide the ultimate protection.

Available in 30ml & 150ml tubs.

This product cannot ship internationally.