Convertible Roof Clean and Protect

Convertible Roof Clean and Protect

Our Convertible Roof Clean and Protect is designed to prevent or cure the problem of unsightly mold or staining on your convertible roof. Exposure to UV rays, contaminants, dirt and road salt can all fade and age your convertible roof. Our protection stops this from happening.

Estimated Time: 1 day

Estimated Cost: *from £100

1. Roof is vacuumed thoroughly.
2. Roof is then cleaned with high quality roof cleaner.
3. Roof is then rinsed.
4. More cleaner is the applied and the surface is agitated with various brushes.
5. Full rinse down of roof.
6. Roof is then dried.
7. All seals are treated and protected.
8. Paint work and windows are taped up and protected.
9. Fabric sealant is then applied.
10. Plastic window is polished with specific plastic window polish and protectant.

*Prices shown are “prices from £…” The quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size / condition – heavily soiled, badly scratched, etc.