Engine Bay Detail

*Please note this service is only available as an additional bolt-on, not as a standalone service*

Our Engine Bay Detail is a complete cleaning, degreasing and dressing of all visible engine components. We do not use a pressure washer in this process. All delicate components such as alternators, batteries, and exposed wiring are covered and taped off to keep them dry. The engine bay detail can be added to any of our other services.

Estimated Cost: *from £45

1. Cover and tape off all delicate components.
2. Degrease the engine bay.
3. Degrease bonnet shuts and struts.
4. Agitate the degreaser with various brushes.
5. Wipe down engine bay with microfibre towels.
6. Blow down the areas that are hard to reach.
7. All rubber and plastic are reconditioned.
8. All bright-work is polished up.

*Prices shown are “prices from £…” The quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size / condition – heavily soiled, badly scratched, etc.