Headlights and Taillights Detail

*Please note this service is only available as an additional bolt-on, not as a standalone service*

Our Headlights and Taillights Detail is designed for hazy, faded, dull or scratched headlights and taillights, we remove and clean all traces of dirt and contamination. The headlights and taillights detail can be added to any of our other services for that ‘as new’ look.

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Estimated Cost: *from £80

1. Sand down lights using various grades of sandpaper designed for use on lights.
2. Rinse off light.
3. Polish light with a specialised cleaning solutions.
4. Seal all lights with a specific light sealant.

*Prices shown are “prices from £…” The quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size / condition – heavily soiled, badly scratched, etc.