Winter Protection Detail

New Car Protection Detail

Our New Car Protection Detail is a deep clean and protection for the exterior and interior of your vehicle, to ensure your new car is free from contamination and protected for the future. This will protect your vehicles paintwork against harsh element’s like road salts, tar and general grime.

Estimated Time: 2 days

Estimated Cost: from £320

1. Full rinse of vehicle to remove all loose dirt.
2. Wheels cleaned with a gentle non acidic cleaner and various soft brushes.
3. Wheel arches thoroughly cleaned by hand and rinsed.
4. Door shuts/sills and boot shuts cleaned.
5. Pre-wash vehicle using pH neutral based snow foam.
6. Vehicle washed using 2 bucket method and a soft lambswool wash mitt.
7. Paintwork de-ironized and tar removed.
8. Exterior paintwork is clayed to remove bonded contaminants.
9. Full rinse down of vehicle.
10. Vehicle dried using an ultra soft plush drying towel.
11. Door shuts dried using an ultra soft plush drying towel.
12. Wheels dried using an ultra soft plush drying towel.
13. Wheels sealed with a specialist wheel coating.
14. Tyres dressed with a natural look dressing.
15. Exterior plastics dressed.
16. Exterior metal work cleaned and treated.
17. Exterior rubber seals cleaned and treated.
18. Pre wax cleanser applied to aid bonding of protection.
19. Carnauba wax or sealant is applied to all paintwork.
20. Remove unwanted items from interior.
21. Interior roof lining cleaned.
22. Interior plastics dusted over with microfibres and various brushes.
23. Interior fully vacuumed including boot.
24. Interior carpets (and seats if applicable) wet vacuumed.
25. Leather interior cleaned and treated if applicable.
26. Interior plastics and trim treated.
27. Glass cleaned inside and out to a smear free finish.
28. Glass polished inside and out.
29. Exterior glass sealed with a water repellent coating to aid vision.