3D AAT Rubbing Compound

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3D AAT 501 Rubbing Compound is the industry’s first compounding polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology (a multi-surface leveling agent that accelerates and enhances performance) with the ability to achieve “True Paint Correction” from P1200 grit sand paper. AAT 501 works up to 34% faster than the industry’s leading compound. Specially engineered micro abrasives corrects virtually any cured or fresh painted surface; soft, medium, hard and next generation paints along with single stage paints. AAT 501 is easy to use, easy to clean-up, is sun friendly and has “No” harmful solvents or Kerosene. 

How to use: 
After sanding to desired level of grit, use 3D Wool Pad and apply enough 3D AAT Rubbing Compound to work a 2’ x 2’ area.

Adjust polisher speed to 1200-2000 rpms and slowly buff a 2’ x 2’ area using back and forth overlapping passes.

Once the sanding scratches are removed switch to 3D Yellow Foam Pad and repeat steps 1 & 2.

Remove compound with microfiber towel before moving on to another panel and follow-up with 3D AAT Finishing Polish to remove any slight remaining holograms.

Available in 32oz - 946ml & 1 Gallon - 3.78 Litre Bottles.