3D Grand Slam - Heavy Duty Degreaser Sample

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3D Grand Slam - Heavy Duty Degreaser Sample releases grease and grime so it can be easily rinsed away in most cases. Even heavy grease is no match for Grand Slam. Just spray, allow it to dwell and agitate as needed to disintegrate nasty oil buildup in engine compartments. All you have to do is thoroughly apply Grand Slam to the surface, wait 30-60 seconds and then rinse. Ideally, use of a pressurised washer will provide optimal results.

When used as directed, it is safe to use on virtually all painted surfaces too. Many vehicles that are not maintained properly can be covered in a thick road film that won’t release from the surface by normal washings. This film can discolour and hide the true colour of your finish. To cut thought this oil based problem you’ll need a cleaner like Grand Slam that is designed to handle this issue. Excellent results can be achieved on clear coated and single stage paint finishes with this cleaner.

Grand Slam can also quickly cut through heavy tire dressing buildup. Just spray directly on, scrub and rinse to uncover a clean looking tire. This clean surface will ultimately provide a better adhesion for protectants to bond to thus making them look better and last longer.

How to use:
For light duty, dilute 1 to 20 parts water, for medium duty, dilute 1:10 and for heavy duty, dilute 1:4. Avoid contact with hot surfaces. Rinse surface with water to cool and remove loose debris. DO NOT USE STRAIGHT.

Available in 8oz bottles.