3D HD Easy Protection Sample Kit

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3D HD Wash is a highly concentrated car shampoo designed to cleanse, maintain and renew the shine on your vehicle. Fortified with a blend of PH balanced polymers and European glossing agents that will gently and effectively cleanse the bodywork of your fine automobile while leaving behind a clear layer of protection .

3D HD Total is an extremely versatile, yet effective ALL PURPOSE CLEANER that can be safely used on virtually any automotive surface. Special European Super Cleaning Polymers alloy HD TOTAL to be diluted to the desired level to cater not only to the extreme cleaning power needed of a greasy engine compartment, but also to the most gentlest manner for delicate leather surfaces. 

3D HD Protect is a water-based surface protectant designed to preserve, protect and prolong the life of your vehicle’s interior. Safe for all interior surfaces including the finest leather, plastic, vinyl & rubber.

3D HD Poxy is a hybrid paint sealant/wax that has been designed to bond to the painted surface for protection and a long lasting durable shine.

Available in 2oz - 59ml Bottles.