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3D HD Glass - Anti Fogging Glass Cleaner is a solution to crystal clear glass! You’ll immediately see a clear difference between all other glass cleaners after using this unique product! HD GLASS’s easy to use formula is the simplest option to sparkling clean glass, mirrors & chrome.

Most people don’t realize that as your car ages, the trim inside your vehicle begins to constantly excrete vapors (outgassing) that end up leaving an oily residue that can fog your inside glass. This not only makes it a hazard for driving, but can also make cleaning your glass to perfection a challenging task. Special ammonia free polymer surfactants in HD GLASS allow you to quickly and easily cut through these and other contaminants (including nicotine smoke film) all while leaving a streak free invisible barrier that will extend the clarity of your glass.

Pleasant non offensive fresh aroma is another plus that you’ll experience during this unpopular task. 100% safe on all glass mirror & chrome. Even aftermarket window tint! CFC free and 100% VOC compliant means that there are no harmful ozone depleting chemicals. Guaranteed to leave no film when used as directed.

How to use:
(2 towel method): Shake well. For optimal outcome, avoid using in direct sunlight and spraying directly onto surface.

Use 2 separate clean dry Microfiber towels. One (towel #1) for applying the product and the other (towel #2) to final clean/buff. Fold each towel into 4 equal quarters.

Spray HD GLASS directly and evenly onto towel #1. Wipe complete glass panel starting at edges/corners and working into middle section going back and forth allowing product to melt away surface contaminants as needed. Then with towel #2 buff liquid remnants from panel leaving a clean, clear surface. Check your work as needed under different lighting conditions to ensure 100% streak free outcome.

Pro Detailer Secret: Clean each wiper blade with HD GLASS to remove grime build-up.

Available in 2oz - 59ml Bottles.