3D HD Protect - Interior Surface Protectant

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3D HD Protect - Interior Surface Protectant is a water-based surface protectant designed to preserve, protect and prolong the life of your vehicle’s interior. Safe for all interior surfaces including the finest leather, plastic, vinyl & rubber.

HD PROTECT adds a durable NANO polymer barrier to your interior that will protect against friction and resoiling degradation. Leather & vinyl will feel softer and more luxurious, without feeling slippery or greasy. Plastics and other trim pieces take on more color and richness without attracting dust or dirt.

HD PROTECT is pH balanced and will help strengthen the moisture content that your leather truly needs to last forever. VOC compliant & Bio-degradable. 

How to use:

Thoroughly clean the surface using HD TOTAL interior cleaner. Apply HD PROTECT immediately after using a clean, soft HD Black or Red foam applicator.

3 alterations of finish appearance:

Matte: Apply & immediately buff surface with semi-damp towel.

Satin: Apply & let dry.

Glossy: Apply 2 coats & let dry. 

Available in 16oz - 473ml Bottles.