3D HD Quick Detailer Sample Kit

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3D HD Touch is uniquely versatile perfect solution to all your surface handling needs! Strong enough to be used as a Waterless Wash yet mild enough to be used as a streak-free Quick Detailer. Our powerful NANO-polymer formula dissolves dirt and grime while the lubricating agents lift and encapsulate particles allowing you to smoothly wipe without scratching the surface. This product is crafted with a unique blend of hydrophobic NANO-polymer wetting agents and lubricants that gently removes dirt, dust, finger prints and smudges leaving a beautiful slick showroom finish on all surfaces.

3D HD Express is a gloss enhancing polymer spray designed to maintain, renew and amp up the gloss of your vehicle. Special Montan Wax formulation works great with existing HD surface protectants as well as bare finishes. HD Express can be used as a stand-alone protectant, in between sealing or after each wash regiment to greatly extend the longevity of your shine. Easily adds a super slick and glossy appearance that will make your car look like you spent hours waxing it. 

3D HD Dress is a versatile water-based protectant that is designed to shine, darken & protect exterior non-painted porous surfaces. HD DRESS uses a unique no-sling formula that works excellent on tires!

3D HD Glass is a solution to crystal clear glass! You’ll immediately see a clear difference between all other glass cleaners after using this unique product! HD GLASS’s easy to use formula is the simplest option to sparkling clean glass, mirrors & chrome.

Available in 2oz - 59ml Bottles.