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3D HD Touch - Detail Spray  is uniquely versatile perfect solution to all your surface handling needs! Strong enough to be used as a Waterless Wash yet mild enough to be used as a streak-free Quick Detailer. Our powerful NANO-polymer formula dissolves dirt and grime while the lubricating agents lift and encapsulate particles allowing you to smoothly wipe without scratching the surface. This product is crafted with a unique blend of hydrophobic NANO-polymer wetting agents and lubricants that gently removes dirt, dust, finger prints and smudges leaving a beautiful slick showroom finish on all surfaces.

HD Touch is an advanced clay bar/towel lubricant that aides in achieving that smooth as silk glass like finish. Also excellent for cleaning and restoring perfection to door jambs, windows and quick interior dusting. Clean, Shine & Protect most vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome, wheels, dashboards, consoles, door panels, wheel rims, door jams, non-fabric upholstery surface areas, and even engine compartments. Leaves a streak-free, clean, high gloss finish.

How to use:

Waterless Wash: Work in sections and spray generously over entire surface allowing the cleaning polymers to quickly encapsulate dirt, gently wipe surface with a clean soft microfiber towel collecting dirt into towel, continuously fold towel to reveal clean side after each swipe and repeat as necessary. Once dirt is removed from surface, buff to a clean streak-free shine.

Quick Detailer: Spray sparingly onto the paint, glass or chrome and spread using a clean soft cloth or microfiber towel. Flip cloth or microfiber over to buff until desired shine and clarity is achieved.

Clay Lube: Spray product onto both clay tool and surface to create proper lubrication. Reapply as needed then wipe surface dry.

Available in 2oz - 59ml Bottles.