3D HD Wash Sample

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3D HD Wash - Gentle Luxury Shampoo is a highly concentrated car shampoo designed to cleanse, maintain and renew the shine on your vehicle. Fortified with a blend of PH balanced polymers and European glossing agents that will gently and effectively cleanse the bodywork of your fine automobile while leaving behind a clear layer of protection .

HD Wash’s luxurious lather will emulsify and encapsulate harmful surface dirt and grime without threatening your car’s finish or existing protection. The  carefully engineered chemistry in HD Wash  will keep your car looking its very best every time you treat it to a wash.

As you bathe your paintwork, you will be depositing a layer of protection that leaves paint shiny and slick. Environmentally safe, phosphate free, VOC-Compliant& biodegradable.

How to use:
Avoid washing in direct sunlight or when your vehicle surface is hot. Mix 1 ounce of HD Wash to 3 gallon of water. Use pressurized blast of water into your wash bucket to produce suds.

Carefully wash vehicle with your favorite wash sponge or mitt from top to bottom constantly applying fresh suds to each panel and flushing your mitt/sponge of trapped dirt particles. Avoid allowing shampoo to dry on vehicle. Rinse frequently.

Gently dry the vehicle with soft microfiber towels immediately after final rinse to prevent water spots.

Available in 2oz - 59ml Bottles.