AM Details Bubbles - Luxury Car Shampoo

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AM Details Bubbles is a gentle, yet effective shampoo which eliminates ingrained dirt. Its highly concentrated formula is designed to give your paintwork a deep clean and leave it streak free. Being PH neutral this mango scented shampoo is wax safe and is ideal for usual washes with the two-bucket method, but it also works well when using through a HD foam lance.

How to use:
For best results use AM Bubbles with the two-bucket method and an AMDetails Genuine Merino Lamb’s Wool ‘T’ Mitt. We like to fill our buckets with water then add the AM Bubbles, then to create the lovely suds give the wash bucket a quick blast with the pressure washer.

This shampoo is great value for money as we recommend to use only one cap full per bucket!

For use with a foam lance we do the usual ration of 1 inch of product to 1 litre of water – the lance bottles are usually marked. Then adjust your lance’s regulator to get the desired coverage effect.

AM Bubbles is ideal for use with the maintenance wash. For a more thorough clean or for a vehicle that has not been protected, we recommend AM Foam.

Note: Not suitable for matt finished cars.

Available in 500ml bottles.