Bilt-Hamber Alloy Wheel Protection Kit

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Bilt-Hamber Alloy Wheel Protection Kit

This kit has been compiled for people who can never have their wheels too clean!

The main product in this bundle is of course our notorious, multiple award-winning wheel cleaner - auto-wheel.

Auto-Wheel is a non-acid, non-alkaline wheel cleaner. In over 90% of cases, Auto-Wheel completely cleans alloy wheels with no need for agitation.

Auto-Wheel decontaminates the alloy wheel before your eyes in minutes!

All of the products in this kit have been especially selected as they work perfectly with each other to complete the task of cleaning and maintaining your wheels finish.

Kit includes:
1 x Auto-Wheel - 1 Litre
1 x Finis-Wax - 250ml
1 x Auto-Wash - 300ml
1 x Auto-Clay Soft - 200g
1 x Dynax-UC - 750ml
1 x Auto-Mitt
1 x Microfibre Cloth
1 x Wheel Brush
2 x App-pads