Bilt-Hamber Auto-Balm Car Wax Kit

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Bilt-Hamber Auto-Balm Car Wax Kit

This kit has been compiled for people who want to buy auto-balm, but are unsure what products would complement the application the best.

auto-balm is the result of thousands of hours of research and development into wax protection and shine. It offers the highest protection when compared to our other waxes and sealants. It's deep gloss protective shine is achieved with no chemical build-up whatsoever.

auto-balm stops corrosion spreading from stone chipped and damaged paint sites. It is suitable for all automotive paint finishes plus aluminium, alloys and other metals too.

auto-balm also fills swirl marks for a crystal clear appearance.

This kit also includes our award winning car shampoo auto-wash and our award winning clay bar auto-clay soft.

Kit includes:
1 x Auto-Balm - 250ml
1 x Auto-Wash - 300ml
1 x Auto-Clay Soft - 200g
1 x Auto-Mitt
1 x Microfibre Cloth
2 x App-pads