Bilt-Hamber Cleanser-Fluid

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Bilt-Hamber Cleanser-Fluid deep cleans pores of road film old waxes, tar, etc. and primes paint for waxes. In the same way as one would never dream of painting an oily or greasy surface as failure would result, paint should also be deep cleaned to ensure that waxes bond to a crisp clean surface for maximum adhesion. Cleanser-Fuid is a unique product form Bilt-Hamber Laboratories that provides the deepest non-abrasive cleaning for the paint surface before the application of waxes and sealers. Used to replace harsh IPA cleaners, the product removes all traces of oil-based road films, polish residue and Lsp remains. Use after the claying process to perfectly prime the surface and boost the longevity of waxes etc.

How to use:
Cleanser-Fluid should be atomised over the paint film until it is wetted with the product, do not use on hot panels and use in a shaded area. Gently and quickly wipe the material from the paint with the microfibre turning the cloth frequently and wiping until the panel is dry.

Available in 500ml bottles.