Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax Kit

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Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax Kit

This kit contains all that is needed to work with our award winning wax, double speed-wax.

double speed-wax is the latest product we have developed - released early 2015.

It is a revolutionary carnauba based wax which provides a deep, rich and glossy film, which is also highly detergent resistant. It is a superior alternative to other costly paste waxes, which simply do not compete with the high performance of double speed-wax.

It won 'Best Car Wax 2015' from Auto Express magazine back in April 2015, when competing against 19 other highly rated car waxes - some costing upwards of £200!

auto-wash is a highly concentrated, anti-corrosive car shampoo.

It has won multiple awards, most recently winning 'Best Car Shampoo' from Auto Express earlier this year.

Clay bars are used to decontaminate paintwork in preparation for further detailing. They leave the paintwork feeling mirror smooth and remove substances like tar, tree sap and bird droppings.

Our clay bars have received critical acclaim in the deailing industry - Auto Express have also awarded us with their 'Best Clay Bar' award 5 years in a row!

Kit includes:
1 x Double Speed-Wax - 250ml
1 x Auto-Wash - 300ml
1 x Auto-Clay Soft - 200g
1 x Cleanser-Fluid - 500ml
1 x Auto-Mitt
1 x Microfibre Cloth
2 x App-pads