Black Wow Pro & Pre-Wow Combo Kit

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Black Wow & Pre-Wow Combo Kit will take your dull, faded exterior trim and transform it! Black WOW restores trim to its dark, like-new appearance. It works even better when the trim is prepped with Pre-Wow Trim Cleaner. You'll get them both in the BlackWow & Pre-Wow Combo Kit!

The BlackWow & Pre-Wow Combo Kit is designed to quickly restore the colour and beauty to textured exterior plastic trim. BlackWow and Pre-Wow were developed for Minis, but any vehicle with textured plastic trim will benefit from them.

How to use:
1. Start with a clean and dry vehicle.
2. Pour a small amount of Pre-Wow onto a microfiber towel.
3. Gently scrub and work Pre-Wow in to the trim.
4. Wipe trim surface with a microfiber towel.
5. Remove Pre-Wow using your car shampoo and then rinse.
6. Inspect trim surface. Any areas that need further cleaning should be done. Repeat steps until uniform.
7. Make sure trim panel is fully dry.
8. Apply BlackWow before washing your vehicle.
9. Apply a pea-sized amount of BlackWow to a foam applicator pad and massage it into your trim.
10. Apply a very thin coat, you will see an instant improvement in darkness and tone. Continue to spread this amount across the trim surface, less is always best with BlackWow.
11. Once fully applied leave for 5-10 minutes to absorb and then remove any excess with a microfiber cloth (use a separate towel than the ones you use on the paint.), by wiping over the trim to reveal a dark matte finish.
12. Allow a couple of hours or for very best results 24 hours before washing your car.
13. Wash your car as usual and use a wash mitt to wipe down the trim.
14. Towel dry your vehicle and be wowed by your fresh looking plastics.

Tip: If your trim is very faded or old it may need 2-3 applications, please leave at least 3-4 hours between each application (ideally 24 hours) for full absorption to take place. This will ensure maximum results and better durability.

Caution: Pre-Wow won’t harm your paint of your skin but please keep it out of your eyes! To get Pre-Wow off your skin just clean with soap and water. Avoid glass or painted areas. BlackWow won’t harm your paint, but because or it’s durability, it is very persistent and will require extra effort to remove off the paint. Mask adjacent areas with painters tape first if you are concerned.

Kit includes:
1x BlackWow Pre-Wow Trim Cleaner - 6oz
1x BlackWow Pro Trim Restorer - 1oz or 16oz