CarPro CQuartz UK Edition Paint Sealant

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CarPro CQuartz UK Edition Paint Sealant is based on the same technology as the original Cquartz UK with some interesting tweaks.The exclusive new 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity formula made for hot or cold temp environment applications. Improving upon the products chemical and stain resistance as well as increasing the hydrophobic effect. The pure percentage ensures the most transparent glass coat film over the surface. This guarantees a long lasting coating with extreme strength resistance and water-repellency. Once the liquid meets the open air it cures and forms a ceramic quartz hard coating on the surface with extreme hydrophobicity.

The most common question we get asked is "What's the difference between CQuartz UK edition and CQuartz Classic with ti02?"

It's simple, with CQUK we have a higher concentration of si02 quartz which gives our hardest most chemical resistant layer of protection. With CQuartz Classic we replaced some of that si02 with ti02 which gives a slicker, more glossy finish but reduces the hardness of the final coat.

So the main choice is what is most important, all our protection of CQUK or a combination of protection and extreme gloss of CQ Classic.

Why not have the best of both worlds and use CQUK topped with CQ Gliss top coat, a super hard base with a super slick, extremely glossy stain resistant top coat!

Why SiO2?

SiO2 is one of the hardest material in the world, especially when the purity of itself is 99.9%, it is as hard as the diamonds. It makes a very clear but still long lasting hard coat on the automotive surface.

These features mean that from one application of CQuartz you can expect a long lasting finish that will protect the surface from acids and salt as well as offering extreme water repellence. The Si02 in the coating dries to form a hard anti scratch finish which will help protect the paint against swirls and scuffs.

Kit Includes:
1x CQuartz UK Edition Paint Sealant 30ml or 50ml
1x Large size applicator block
1x Microfibre suede towel 16x16"
4x Suede microfibre applicators 4x4"