CarPro Cube Sample Kit

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CarPro The Cube Sample Kit is designed to save money and allow you to test multiple products without buying big bottles of each.

Whether you are new to detailing, or just new to CarPro this is the easiest way to try out all 16 liquid products in one handy package.

With 16 x 50ml products this kit is enough to find out your favourites before buying bigger bottles!

Kit Includes:
CarPro Bugout
CarPro Ech2o
CarPro Elixir
CarPro Eraser
CarPro Fogfight
CarPro Hydro2 Foam
CarPro Hydro2 Lite
CarPro Inside
CarPro Iron X LS
CarPro Multi X
CarPro Reload
CarPro Reset
CarPro Spotless
CarPro Tar X
CarPro TriX