CarPro Dhydrate Dual Sided Microfibre Drying Towel

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CarPro Dhydrate Dual Sided Microfibre Drying Towel is manufactured with a special blend of polyester fibers to absorb water without creating swirls or scratches even after over 100 wash cycles!

Designed for wipe drying rather than pat drying the DHydrate works best when layed flat on the wet surface and gently pulled by the edges across the panel.

The dual sided design contains one side plush drying towel microfibre and one side woven flat microfibre for leaving glass streak free.

If you pick up any dirt from the surface it's easily identified against the light grey towel, ensuring you don't use a dirty towel creating swirl marks.

Cutting edge technology designed to absorb the maximum amount of water while gently sliding over the wet surface without leaving streaks.

Made in Korea, a 540GSM blend of the finest microfibre.

Size is 50cm x 55cm.