CarPro FlyBy30 Sealant

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CarPro FlyBy30 Sealant repels water drops while driving starting from speed of 30mph/45kmh~ 38mph/60kmh or more, and allows you to have clear vision with safe driving. (Vary on windscreen angle, average tested on 45 deg. Angle).

FlyBy30 can be used on all car glasses allowing safe driving in the rain with clear all around vision.

FlyBy30, Our flyby technology maintains a strong coating on glass windscreen, which resists friction and abrasion by wipers, dust, car-wash or harsh cleansers, rain repellent from 30mph/45kmh drive speed.

Very easy to use, with no haze, smears and stains problem on glass.

Giving you safe, easy and high visibility driving in poor weather conditions.

High water droplet contact angle (112 deg.) and low sliding angle (15deg.) will promise you very fast repellent and clear glass from rain, ice, snow and bugs.

The water repellency will last minimum of 3 month. Longer then that rain drops will repel as well but at higher speed drive. (50mph/80kmh).

How to use
*Do not apply it on wet windshield otherwise it may cause damage to the surface.
** Do not apply to cold glass, bonding will be affected. Heat glass with hairdryer, heat gun or car heating system.
1. Polish your glass using the Ceriglass by hand or machine, clean it well with Eraser and dry the surface.
2. Pour few drops of FlyBy30 on the suede applicator and apply in criss-cross motion to surface.
3. Allow flyby to dry and buff off excess
4. Let dry for more than 12 hours, in order to make the coating adhere firmly to the Windshield.
5. We recommend cleaning the wiper blades with Eraser once finished to avoid wiper judder.

Estimate consumption per complete car windscreen and side windows: 10ml.

Available in 20ml bottles.