CarPro Gliss V2 - Hyper Slick Top Coating

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CarPro Gliss - Hyper Slick Top Coating introduces new advances in nanotechnology to bear and designed an all-new hyper-smooth, hyper-glossy and easy to apply ceramic nano coating that excels as a top-coat for all CQuartz coatings! CarPro GLISS also increases resistance to static buildup, dust retention and many types of mineral and water stains!

Combining modified long-chain carbon fluorine polymers and enhanced nano-technology, GLISS is an evolution in top-coat protection and its immensely tactile feel, achievable on any non porous surface!

This incredible next-gen coating serves multiple purposes and even excels as a stand-alone paint protection and enhancement system with a HYPER slick surface that will make your jaw drop!

Kit Includes:
1x Gliss 30ml or 50ml
1x Large size applicator block
4x Suede microfibre applicators 4x4"