CarPro Wash Box - Maintenance Starter Kit

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CarPro Wash Box - Maintenance Starter Kit is the perfect starter kit for maintaining your CQuartz coated vehicle.

Take the pain out of wondering what products you need to maintain your freshly detailed car. CarPro is here to help with The Wash Box, which contains 500ml of Reset: Intensive Car Shampoo, 500ml of Elixir: High Gloss Quick Detailer, a Hand Wash microfiber wash mitt and a Dhydrate XL twisted pile drying towel.

With this kit you can perform the basic weekly maintenance on your CQuartz coating in 2 easy steps. Simply wash with CarPro Reset and the Hand Wash mitt, then spray on the Elixir and dry with the Dhydrate microfiber towel.

Kit Includes:
1x Reset: Intensive Car Shampoo - 500ml
1x Elixir: High Gloss Quick Detailer - 500ml
1x Hand Wash Microfiber Wash Mitt
1x Dhydrate XL Twisted Pile Drying Towel
1x CarPro Ultra Short Loop Microfibre Towel