Chemical Guys 8" Circle Chemical Guys Logo Sticker

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Chemical Guys 8" Circle Chemical Guys Logo Sticker is over 250% bigger! Now anyone from any distance can see you love your car and only use the best products. Our entire brand is represented on this one gigantic 8 inch wide roundel! The simple, yet bold decal features the official Chemical Guys crest: a mean skull engine block and piston crossbones adorned with our fundamental principles of Tradition and Lifestyle. Slap this decal on your car to make a bold statement. Paste it to your wash buckets so people know what’s making those mounds of soapy suds. Adorn your detailing kit/battle box with this logo to let your customers and the watching world that you use nothing but the best detailing products money (and souls) can buy! When nothing but the best will do, let the world know you’re a Chemical Guy with the Extra Large Logo Sticker.