Chemical Guys Bare Bones

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Chemical Guys Bare Bones is a fast and easy way to make under car parts and undercarriages look their best. Detailing your undercarriage is just as important as detailing the paint. Wheel wells, sub-frame, springs, fender well and all of the other black and gray parts underneath the body need some love too. Bare Bones is not just for undercarriages and under car, it is a super premium dressing with many other uses and applications. Keep your tires, hard black plastics, bumper covers, undercarriages, and trim nice and black while delivering a premium coat of protection against the environmental elements. Surface pre-treated with Bare Bone Undercarriage Spray look newer longer. Bare Bones delivers a super dark black finish to all tires, rubber and trim. A quick spray of Bare Bones Spray not adds shine, but also repels dirt but can also hide dirty spots and discoloration between parts.

How to use:
1. Clean dirt and debris from undercarriage parts.
2. Spray Bare Bones directly onto the desired surface and allow to dry for 5 minutes.
3. Severely neglected parts may require Bare Bones to be worked into the surface with a towel or applicator for best results.
4. For desired look, wipe off excess with an old cloth or rag to reduce any extra wet shine.

Available in 16oz & 1 Gallon bottles.