Chemical Guys Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax

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Chemical Guys Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax is a premium wash and gloss-enhancer for boats, watercraft, trailers, and more. Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax easily washes away the heaviest marine contamination like salt spray, bird droppings, dirt, grease, marine oil, diesel fuel, dirt, and grime. Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax is tough on contamination and dirt, yet gentle on protective marine coatings like sealant and wax. The specialty wash soap finishes with a natural carnauba wax shine and helps protect against marine elements and UV solar rays. The advanced boat wash soap is designed to be safe for the environment. Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax cleans fast to reduce water waste and runoff. Use Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax in a standard bucket wash or with a foam gun or foam cannon for extra cleaning power on any size vessel. Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax is perfect for cleaning all external surfaces and materials including marine gel coat, fiberglass, paintwork, plastic, polished metal, wood, decks, masts, hulls, and much more. Clean and shine any boat, vessel, or watercraft with Chemical Guys Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax.

How to use:
1. Rinse down the exterior of your boat or watercraft with clean water.
2. Use 1 oz. of Boat Hybrid Wash & Wax in a 5-gallon bucket of clean water.
3. Scrub contaminants from the deck, hull, and other surfaces with a premium marine wash mitt, sponge, brush, or mop.
4. Rinse away using clean water.

Available in 16oz bottles.