Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax

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Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax delivers high gloss shine and protection to boats and watercraft. Car detailers and enthusiasts prefer natural carnauba wax for the ultimate shine, and now the same shine and protection is available for boats and watercraft. Boat Wet Wax bonds directly to fiberglass, gel coat, metal, glass, paintwork, and plastic hulls and exterior surfaces. Boat Wet Wax uses the highest quality Brazilian Carnauba wax to create a brilliant shine on any color boat or watercraft. Natural carnauba wax protects against UV solar rays, water spots, pollution, contamination, algae, grease, grime, oil, and more. Boat Wet Wax is the perfect last-step product to maintain the freshly-polished Boat Wet appearance. Enhance gloss, reduce surface drag, and protect a freshly polished boat or watercraft. Boat Wet Wax gives any color boat or watercraft the ultimate shine. Natural carnauba wax enhances deep-wet shine with a warm luster, while blended polymers enhance durability and longevity for reduced applications and maintenance. Give any boat or watercraft a brilliant shine and durable protection with Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax.

How to use:
1. Only use Boat Wet Wax on well-maintained or freshly-cleaned and polished boats and watercraft.
2. Spread a thin, even layer over a small portion of the hull, or any exterior surface where a brilliant deep-wet shine is desired.
3. Allow 20 minute cure time, then buff off using a premium microfiber towel.
4. Treat watercraft with Boat Wet Wax twice a year to maintain the original appearance.

Available in 16oz bottles.