Chemical Guys Carnauba Gloss & Protection Kit

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Chemical Guys EZ Creme Glaze delivers the maximum level of shine while its unique cohesion system reduces surface static delivering the ultimate repellent of dirt by reducing static charge on the vehicle's paint as well as plastic and metal surfaces. Extreme Shine EZ Creme Glaze utilizes acrylic technology, the perfect blend of gloss enhancers and surface protectant with an acrylic polymer to deliver a wet look that lasts. EZ Creme Glaze technology creates a situation that allows the strong ionic polymer to adhere to the surface of the acrylic or urethane top coat, delivering unparalleled shine and protection. Extreme Shine EZ Creme Glaze with Acrylic Shine II is a great way to quickly add lots of shine back to your paint. With just one application, you will add dramatic depth and gloss that will make the paint look very deep and shiny. EZ Creme Glaze can be applied by hand or with a buffer. Once applied, you will instantly notice how it helps fill in imperfections and provides a more uniform appearance to a clear coat.

Chemical Guys Blitz is an acrylic spray sealant so if you are seeking a show-winning shine that's quick and easy while providing ultimate protection, then Blitz Hi-Shine Acrylic Spray Sealant is the answer. BLITZ combines high shine acrylic glossing agents with an ultra durable hi-tech spray sealant that protects your vehicle while unleashing a shine that will make any color vehicle shimmer with excitement. The unique acrylic polymers designed into BLITZ are highly reflective, allowing your vehicle's color to shine in the sun with a coating that truly brings the paint to life. The liquid shimmer characteristic is what makes BLITZ so popular among detailing professionals, enthusiasts, and automotive collectors around the world.

Chemical Guys P40-Detailer is a true carnauba based professional quick detail spray and waterless carwash. 1x Carnauba Chemical Guys unique wax emulsion system enables the P40-Detailer to be used on glass, plastic, metal and any other nonporous material without streaking or staining trim, rubber, plastic or glass. Will not strip or remove wax or sealants.

Kit Includes:
EZ Creme Glaze - 16oz - 473ml
Blitz - 16oz - 473ml
P40-Detailer - 16oz - 473ml
1x Applicator Pad
3x Microfiber Towels