Chemical Guys Chuy Bubblegum Hanging Air Freshener

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Chemical Guys Chuy Bubblegum Air Freshener put fun fragrant smells wherever they’re needed most! Hang the round disc from rear view mirrors, shift selectors, turn signals, air vents, radio knobs, or grab handles for convenient and discreet scenting throughout any automobile. Chemical Guys is renowned for making fun, powerful, and fragrant air fresheners and odor eliminators. The Hanging Air Freshener is perfect for those who want long-lasting time-released fragrance in any enclosed space. Freshen the air in any car, truck, SUV, minivan, dorm room, office, garage, or game room anywhere! Chuy Bubble Gum is more than a fragrant air freshener; specialty odor-eliminating enzymes blended in with Chuy help destroy odor-causing maladies to permanently stop odors at their source. Don’t just cover up foul smells: destroy odors with the fresh bubble gum scent of Chuy Hanging Air Freshener.