Chemical Guys Embossed Metal Tin Sign

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Chemical Guys Embossed Metal Tin Sign is the perfect addition to any enthusiast garage, professional detail shop, or vintage sign collection. The large 2-foot diameter roundel is stamped with raised lettering and the mean Chemical Guys skull and cross-piston crest. Stark black and white coloring attracts the eye, yet blends elegantly into any decor. Hark back to the vintage petroliana, porcelain and enamel advertisements, and the railroad and road signs produced by regional automobile clubs with this modern bold sign. Most of those vintage pieces were melted down for the WWII war effort, and the surviving signs are collected and preserved for their vintage charm and historical significance. The Chemical Guys Garage Sign promotes the passion and care you take in your automobile, and looks great hanging in any professional shop, personal garage, basement man cave, rec room, or on any exterior wall or in any yard. Reserve your piece of automotive history today, and show your passion and love for cars with the Chemical Guys Embossed Garage Sign.