Chemical Guys Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner

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Chemical Guys Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner is the glass cleaner you have been waiting for! The newest addition to our already impressive line up of glass cleaners. Chemical Guys Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner is a specially formulated spray that delivers powerful glass cleaning foam developed to eliminate stubborn dirt and grime fast. Life is too short to be seen through dirty windows! Enjoy the view a little more with the perfect foaming glass cleaner from Chemical Guys. Dirty windows can be tough to look at, and equally difficult to see through, making them safety hazards. Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner has been synthesized without harsh chemicals such as ammonia, which wreaks havoc on soft plastics, vinyls and accents. Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner contains powerful surfactants with positively charged ionic compounds that attract negatively charged dirt particles akin to a chemical magnet. Glass Only’s formula precisely sprays to the target area and clings to dirt, grime, and stubborn sap without any messy dripping found in water based household cleaners. Individuals with ammonia sensitivity can clean their windows with confidence because Glass Only is Ammonia-free. Glass Only does more than just clean windows it even smells great. Just remember, life’s too short to be viewed through dirty windows; so grab a can of Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner and bring some clarity to your world.

How to use:
1. Do not clean windows until the very end of your detailing job.
2. Cleaning glass properly requires two towels (and sometimes three) – one for cleaning /agitating and second for drying/buffing.
3. Start by folding your towel into quarters so they are a bit larger than your hand. These towels should be dedicated glass cleaning towels. We recommend either the Workhorse Blue Professional Grade Microfiber Towel or a Glass and Window Waffle Weave Towel.
4. Spray the entire glass area lightly with Glass Only.
5. Agitate with one of your folded towels making sure you get into the corners. It’s best to outline the glass first and then move to the center.
6. Once you have completely cleaned the entire glass surface use the second towel to buff it dry removing any streaks and leftovers.
7. If you are cleaning side windows, it’s good practice to first roll the window down a bit to get clean the edges, then roll it up and do the rest.
8. When cleaning your glass, make sure the towels do not get bunched up in your hand. Having a flat towel that contacts the glass evenly is your best choice, for both cleaning and drying. If you drop a towel put it to wash, don’t use it.
9. After you complete one piece of glass, refold your towel to a clean side and proceed to the next window.
10. Repeat steps until all of the windows/mirrors are complete.
11. Always wash glass towels separately from other towels and use Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash to prolong the softness and quality.

Available in 19oz tins.