Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover Sample

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Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover easily removes light to medium watermarks and mineral deposits from your paint, chrome and glass. Water spots are the dry minerals left over after a droplet of water evaporates. Drivers typically find water spots on their cars after parking too close to the sprinklers, getting splashed by passersby, and after short rainstorms. Without fast action, caustic base compounds and minerals burn into the paint and leave permanent marks that require expensive polishing, wet sanding, or repainting to remove. Chemical Guys Water Spot Remover Gel neutralises and removes mineral stains before they can turn into permanent water spot etching. Simply squeeze out a few drops of the water spot gel onto a microfiber applicator pad, then rub it directly into the offending stains. Water Spot Remover Gel uses basic principles of chemistry to neutralise the mineral bond to the painted surface for a full water spot release. Erase water spots from shiny car parts and give every detail a happy ending with Chemical Guys Water Spot Remover Gel.

How to use:
1. Work out of direct sunlight for best results.
2. Clean area to remove any loose dirt, debris, or abrasive contamination.
3. Work 3-5 dots of Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover over 2’ x 2’ area with a plush microfiber applicator pad.
4. Re-clean the area with plenty of water, quick detail spray, or waterless wash solution to neutralize the water spot gel.
5. Wax or seal the area to help prevent future contamination and water spot etching.

Available in 4oz & 16oz bottles.