Chemical Guys Hex Logic Applicator Pad (Polishing)

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Chemical Guys Hex Logic Applicator Pad (Polishing) is ergonomically shaped so it fits most hands perfectly and bringing comfort and ease while working.
The white pad has got a light ability for cutting and is perfectly suited to apply cleaners, finishing-polishes and creme-waxes.

How to use:
1. Wash the surface to be polished with preferred Chemical Guys car wash soap or waterless car wash solution.
2. Use a clay bar to remove any above-surface contaminants.
3. Squeeze 3 - 5 dots of your preferred polishing compound over one side of the Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad.
4. Work the polish into the surface to rub the particle abrasives over the affected paintwork.
5. Work a spot no larger than 1 square foot.
6. Buff off any polish residue and check for satisfactory results.
7. First remove deep scratches with polishing compound and the Orange Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad before refining gloss with the White Pad, then glaze/sealant/wax with the Black Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad.