Chemical Guys Honeydew Air Freshener

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Chemical Guys Honeydew Air Freshener eliminates odours caused by microorganisms in seconds at their organic source and doesn't mask odours. A technologically advanced odour controller that works fast and easy leaving behind a fresh natural smell.

Legend has it that the Honeydew's unique scent makes it sometimes irresistible. In Japan, it is the "King of fruits". Here at Chemical Guys, our whole family has always enjoyed the smell of this magical, delicious fruit so we wanted to embrace its natural and amazing fresh scent by formulating the first naturally scented Hyper Air Freshener and Odour Neutraliser in one. Honeydew Air Freshener embraces the uniqueness of the Honeydew while combining it with a premium blend of odour eliminators.

How to use:
1. Lightly mist product over desired surface.
2. Product will dry on surface (a little bit goes a long way, do not saturate the surface).
3. Enjoy this fresh new scent.

Available in 4oz & 16oz bottles.