Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

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Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam is engineered to create millions of tiny close-grouping cleaning bubbles. The PPM (Parts Per Million) formulation delivers a gradual variety of millions of cleaning bubbles that once foamed onto a surface work fast at lifting abrasive contaminants away from your paints delicate surface. Airborne dust, dirt and grime is encapsulated within the unique hyper-foam emulsion and removed with a sharp jet of water reducing the friction and scratches generally produced by contact washing.

It is a pH neutral wax and sealant safe snow foam which emulsifies dirt and grime enabling it to be gently lifted off the surface. The Honeydew extract formulation not only cleans surfaces delivering a bright spot-free shine it produces a fresh natural honeydew smell that's simply delicious.

The unmatched hyper-foaming agents combined with Chemical Guys lubricating agents in Honeydew Snow Foam deliver a truly unmatched super high foaming auto wash that rinses clean delivering a high-shine slick finish.

Honeydew Snow Foam Car Shampoo is developed to be safe on all vehicle surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, glass and plastics. The unique formulation of Honeydew Snow Foam is engineered with water softeners designed to reduce hard water spots caused by calcium.

How to use:
1. Fill foam solution bottle with warm water.
2. Add 2 oz. of Honeydew to foam solution bottle.
3. Fine tune air/solution ratio to produce desired amount of foam.
4. For thicker foam, add more Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash.

Available in 4oz, 16oz, 64oz & 1 Gallon bottles.