Chemical Guys Lava Paste Wax

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Chemical Guys Lava Paste Wax has that incredibly sharp reflection, beautiful gloss and durable protection that we all crave! It's making every paint color look infinitely deep and grabbing your eye from every angle. The color enhancement formula is the key at it brings any paint color to the next level and forces you to take notice! Before this wax was created the Chemical Guys Worldwide Development Team spent more time studying how the eye perceives shine, colors and light reflection to maximize their results. They sent out 93 sample jars to expert detailers around the world for feedback and the results were overwhelmingly positive, this was going to be a smash hit! Countless hours of research and testing eventually created the final version of LAVA and now it's available to you.

Chemical Guys Lava will harden and protect the paint against UV rays and other environmental contaminants. Unlike many other waxes it's very resistant to temperature changes and can resist temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit so on a scorching hot day it won't break down.

This wax is really quick & easy application traditional paste wax products are known for being extremely difficult to apply and even most challenging to remove. A traditional paste wax needs to be melted onto the applicator pad to ensure a smooth, thin coat on the surface. Lava takes all these difficult challenges and sends them running for cover. The advanced formulation of Lava allows for an application so easy it makes waxing your car fun! The semi-solid texture of Lava allows the user to apply the thinnest coat possible achieving the highest level of epic shine. Removing Lava is even easier! Simply remove Lava with a few easy swipes of a quality microfiber towel to expose the true radiant beauty underneath. Applying Lava is so quick and easy, anyone can do it!!!

How to use:
1. Wash and decontaminate vehicle with a Chemical Guys premium auto shampoo and clay bar.
2. Apply a thin coat of Lava Luminous Glow Infusion using a premium foam applicator pad or by hand.
3. Allow 20 minute dry time.
4. Buff off using a premium microfiber towel.

Available in 8oz tubs.