Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash

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Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash is a cleaning detergent. Keep your microfiber towels at the peak of their softness and performance with this Microfiber Wash. If used regularly, Microfiber Wash will retain and restore microfiber softness and protect your microfiber towels keeping them soft and absorbent. Microfiber Wash is a hospital grade concentrated detergent. This advanced detergent formulation cleans, restores and maintains microfiber. Microfiber Wash is not a thick shampoo, it is a uniquely formulated concentrated aqueous mixture of hospital grade surfactants, hard water softeners emulsified with a citric stain and spot extractor, formulated to eliminate stains and spots rapidly without jeopardizing individual fibers. Regular washing with powder detergents or retail washing detergents is harmful to microfiber, many strong retail detergents will destroy the absorbency of towels. Microfiber Wash not only leaves your towels clean, it removes lingering bacteria and oils that may otherwise not be removed by normal washing. Wax, polish, compounds and most chemicals build up and compromise the cleaning ability of microfiber as well as dramatically reducing the cleaning, buffing and polishing efficiency of the microfiber. Using inferior detergents leads to rapid discoloration, deterioration and stiffness greatly reduces the microfiber natural absorption ability as well as its longevity. Microfiber Wash can be used for more than just microfiber, it can be used for cotton, chamois, buffing pads and even delicate work shirts.

How to use:
For a small load, add 1oz. (approximately 4-5 capfuls) to your wash. For a full load, add 2oz. (approximately 8-10 capfuls) to your wash. For heavily soiled items, pre-soak with 2oz. in 5 gallon bucket filled with warm water and let soak. Once soiled towels have soaked, place in washing machine for a regular cycle with Microfiber Wash.
Wash microfiber goods with warm wash water. Dry microfiber goods with low to medium dryer heat. Excessive dryer heat can permanently cook microfiber, rendering it hard and liable to scratch sensitive automotive surfaces like paint.

Available in 4oz, 16oz, 64oz & 1 Gallon bottles.