Chemical Guys Mrs Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towel

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Chemical Guys Mrs Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towel is one of the softest, plushest, and most-absorbent microfiber towels ever made. This fluffy yeti of a towel is perfect for drying any vehicle right after a wash. Microfiber is the industry-standard cloth for touching and wiping cars because it is super-soft, super-absorbent, and will not scratch paint when used properly. Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towels are made with premium 70/30 blended microfiber for ultimate softness and durability, and a luxurious silk-banded edge to further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork. Use Sasquatch Maximus Towels to soak up wash water and quickly dry any car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towels are perfect for drying because they are ultra-soft, ultra-plush, and stitched for scratch-free wiping on paintwork, pet dogs, and small children. Every towel features a one inch thick microfiber pile that absorbs half a gallon of water. The premium microfiber and exclusive silk-banded edges are ultra-soft, and help prevent any swirls or scratches on sensitive paintwork and automotive surfaces. To dry off any car after the weekly wash, pick up the Chemical Guys Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towel.

Size is 16’’ x 16".