Chemical Guys Phase 5 Fiberglass Compound & Polish

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Chemical Guys Phase 5 Fiberglass Compound & Polish is the professional’s choice for removing heavy scratches and swirls from fiberglass, hard paint, and durable gel coat finishes. Fiberglass and gelcoat are typically reserved for vehicles that take the toughest beatings, like off road ATVs, quad bikes, RVs, campers, and trailers. The tough materials resist scratches, abrasion, and harsh UV sunlight that would destroy softer paintwork and plastics. When fiberglass does get scratched, swirled, and faded from UV solar rays, it needs a tough compound to remove swirls and marks that mar the finish. Chemical Guys Phase 5 uses a hybrid abrasive compound to cut away deep swirl marks and scratches, then refine the finish to restore deep gloss, pure reflection, and brilliant shine. Phase 5 works with any dual action, large throw orbital, or rotary polisher. Easily remove deep scratches, oxidation, and restore deep gloss and shine in just one polishing step with Phase 5 Polish. Don’t neglect large vehicles like RVs, campers, and trailers. Restore a like-new finish and shine to any fiberglass, gel coat, or durable painted finish with Chemical Guys Phase 5 Polish.

Available in 16oz bottles.