Chemical Guys Protection & Shine Combo

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Chemical Guys Protection & Shine Combo is the perfect combination of synthetic durable protection sealant and deep wet shine carnauba wax. Professional detailers first lay down a coat of durable synthetic sealant for enhanced protection against harsh elements, UV sunlight, extreme heat and cold, and inclement weather. While a coating of JetSeal can last up to a full year with proper care, natural carnauba wax can boil away after just a few months. Lay down the durable sealant first, then top with carnauba wax as desired. Sealants protect paintwork, glass, optical plastics, and polished metals just like natural carnauba wax, but the shine they enhance is cooler and cleaner than that of natural wax. Only carnauba wax creates the deep wet mirror shine that enthusiasts and detailers have known and loved for over 100 years. Pete’s 53 Black Pearl Crystal Polymer White Carnauba Paste Wax is a full bodied concours paste wax loved for its ease of spreadability, filling capabilities, and deep wet shine. Chemical Guys blends the premium white bleached carnauba with almond, coconut, banana, and propolis oils for unparalleled deep-wet gloss and shine on dark and metallic paint finishes. Top a coating of JetSeal with Pete’s 53 for maximum show car shine and luster combined with durable protection against the elements.

Chemical Guys Jet Seal is a durable paint protection sealant designed to shield your vehicle’s exterior from the harshest elements. Developed exclusively for the aerospace industry, JetSeal is engineered using advanced Nano-Tech polymers that provide the ultimate level of protection. Revolutionary super polymers create a smooth finish with a brilliant shine. JetSeal is formulated using innovative UV protection technology that protects your paintwork against fading and discolouration. JetSeal bonds to the surface creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays. The ability to chemically bond to paintwork allows JetSeal to produce fantastic results and a mirror shine. JetSeal provides durable protection to paintwork, glass, chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass surfaces. The secret to the durable protection of JetSeal is Nano-Tech polymers that create a shield for the ultimate level of shine and protection. Our all-new formula features improved durability, superior shine and easier application. Experience the durable protection and brilliant shine of Chemical Guys JetSeal.

Chemical Guys Pete's 53 Wax is a full-bodied concours paste wax loved for its huge gloss and shine return with minimal investment. Chemical Guys master blenders combined premium bleached carnauba wax with specialty almond, coconut, and banana oils for enhanced warm glossy shine on dark, metallic, and pearl flake paint finishes. Unique beeswax extracts offer superior filling capabilities, and hide minor swirl marks and scratches better than normal carnauba waxes or sealants. Layering Pete’s 53 on top of JetSeal enhances the signature carnauba look that synthetic sealants just can’t achieve. Even after the signature look of Pete’s 53 wears away, the durable JetSeal coat will last underneath. Apply Pete’s 53 without restarting the whole layering process again with the clay bar service and polishing if the paintwork is still smooth as glass.

Kit Includes:
Jet Seal - 16oz 
Pete's 53 Wax - 8oz 
2x Applicator Pads (colours may vary)
1x Happy Ending Towels (3 Pack) (colours may vary)