Chemical Guys Radiant Finish Combo Dark

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Chemical Guys Radiant Finish Combo is the perfect kit to achieve the most vibrant and radiant finish on black and dark colored vehicles. The kit comes stocked with Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish, Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant & Quick Detailer, a premium foam UFO applicator pad, and two premium microfiber towels. Black Light is a premium gloss enhancer and sealant in one. Use Black Light to add extra deep wet shine, fill minor swirls and scratches, and clean minor stains and imperfections. Apply Black Light after a clay bar service, but before applying any sealant or wax for extra gloss, depth, and reflection. Black Light protects paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, water spots, and harmful UV solar rays. Hybrid V7 is the revolutionary combination of quick detail spray and sealant technology for high gloss shine with pure optical clarity. Hybrid V7 removes fingerprints, light dust, road grime, and debris, and finishes with a high gloss shine and durable sealant protection. The premium soft foam applicator pad and microfiber towels help ensure scratch-free detailing on any painted surface, and make application and removal of product quick, efficient, and easy. Use The Detailer's Radiant Finish Kit For Black And Dark Colors for unmatched depth and gloss with durable protection.

Chemical Guys Black Light will add a tremendous amounts of gloss and color enhancement to your paint, then look no further because Black Light has arrived. If you’re looking for a product to add a layer of protection from the elements, then Black Light is the go to gloss enhancer. Either way you use it, you will be extremely happy with how the paint looks…regardless of the color. When you read into the product description, you kind of get the idea that it’s a gloss enhancer. Then as you read it again you may think it’s a sealant. Well you’d actually be correct on both fronts, so let’s call it a “gloss-enhancing sealant”.

Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 is a revolutionary combination of spray sealant technology and quick detailer that has the capabilities to produce a high gloss shine with optical clarity. Hybrid V7 is designed to remove fingerprints, dust, road grime and debris while providing a high gloss shine teamed with the protection of a sealant. Hybrid V7 is the world’s first hybrid detailing spray formulated with rapid bond technology that delivers superior optical clarity with ultimate protection. This amazing hybrid detailing spray will be sure to give you a finish that will impress all the car show judges. Hybrid V7 combines nano-spec engineering with spray sealant technology to produce the highest level of optical clarity. The advanced polymers in Hybrid V7 produce a high gloss transparent shine while providing long lasting UV protection to paint, glass, and virtually any exterior surface. Chemical Guys engineered rapid bond technology that allows Hybrid V7 to bond and disappear into the surface revealing a high gloss finish that professionals and enthusiasts demand. The nano-spec engineering allows this amazing spray sealant to protect any exterior surface, both painted and coated plastics. Hybrid V7 easily removes dust, dirt, debris, fingerprints, and even water spots in seconds while leaving behind a sealant coating that protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays.

Kit Includes:
Black Light - 16oz
Hybrid V7 - 16oz
1x Applicator Pad (colours may vary)
2x Microfiber Towels (colours may vary)