Chemical Guys So Fast Odor Eliminator

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Chemical Guys So Fast Odor Eliminator is the strongest sense tied to memory, and foul odors contribute to bad experiences and bad memories. Rotting food, excess dirt, bacteria, mold, and mildew cause foul odors throughout automobiles and other enclosed spaces. Even after dirt and grime are removed, bad smells can linger behind. Eliminate foul odors with Chemical Guys So Fast Odor Eliminator! So Fast Odor Eliminator is not just a perfume; So Fast uses odor-eliminating enzymes to physically destroy odor-causing germs and bacteria. Even after the fresh green apple scent wears away, you’re left with crisp fresh air without foul odors or chemical fumes. Use So Fast Odor Eliminator in any car, truck, RV, SUV, or throughout the home or office. Refresh gym bags or eliminate strong cooking smells with So Fast Odor Eliminator. Flush out musky AC systems with So Fast, and enjoy clean air in any car. Eliminate foul odors, enjoy fresh air, and make pleasant memories with Chemical Guys So Fast Odor Eliminator.

How to use:
1. Lightly mist product in desired area.
2. Enjoy this fresh new scent.

Available in 16oz bottles.