Chemical Guys Three-Way Premium Wash Mitt

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Chemical Guys Three-Way Premium Wash Mitt is for the adventurous types who have fun detailing their cars! The unique car wash mitt design combines three distinct car washing tools into one easy to grip unit. Gently massage dusty dirt and abrasive grime from curves and contours with the plush microfiber chenille noodles. Flip the mitt over to gently rub heavy filth from paintwork, metal, glass, and durable plastic surfaces with the short-pile microfiber weave. Have bug gut splatters or bee droppings stuck all over the place? Turn the Three-Way Mitt sideways and gently scrub the stuck-on debris with the soft bug scrubbing mesh. The soft microfiber mitt uses a waterproof barrier to keep sensitive skin clear of slippery car wash water, and a tight elastic cuff keeps the mitt on the hand with a snug-fitting grip. Only premium 70/30 blended microfiber makes it into every Three-Way Premium Car Wash Mitt to guarantee a soft scratch-free touch on any painted finish. The Three-Way Wash Mitt is machine washable for a perfectly-clean touch with minimal chance of installing any swirls or scratches at every car wash. Strap on the Three-Way Wash Mitt and take on all comers for a scratch-free car wash experience.