Chemical Guys TORQ Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun & Honeydew Snow Foam

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Chemical Guys TORQ Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun & Honeydew Snow Foam doesn’t contain any peanut butter but it has the same potential to become unforgettable. Picture this: two products that create towering amounts of foam on their own, are now paired up to single-handedly challenge the status quo of max foam potential. This kit comes complete with the essential components any car enthusiast needs to start detailing in no time. Spread layers of thick foamy suds with ease as it lifts and separates grime and filth right from paint’s exterior. The supremely advanced foaming technology from both the TORQ Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun and the Honeydew Snow Foam create such a mismatch for any dirt particles that dare to stay on your paint. Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleanser contains slick lubricants that help prevent future swirls and scratches without leaving behind any residue. It’s also a pH-balanced soap that is safe for waxes and sealants. Enjoy the colossal amount of foam the TORQ Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun & Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash are able to create, to ensure you of an efficiently fun wash.

How to use:
1. Fill soap solution bottle with fresh water.
2. Add 1 - 3 oz of your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap.
3. Rinse car with water to remove loose debris and grime.
4. AttachTORQ Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun to the quick release nozzle.
5. Cover car with soapy car wash foam to lift and lubricate stuck-on dirt from the surface.
6. Proceed with 2-bucket car wash method to gently remove any dirt without installing any swirls or scratches.
7. Spray foam directly into wash mitt with every wipe for maximum lubrication.
8. Rinse car clean and dry with premium microfiber towels.

Maintaining The TORQ Foam Blaster Foam Gun
1. Rinse soap solution bottle clean with fresh water.
2. Run plain water through the foam gun to purge detergent and soap from the internal components.
3. Cycle with warm or hot water to break down thick soap residues.
4. Unscrew soap solution bottle and allow to air dry, then reattach before storing.
5. Store the TORQ Foam Blaster R1 in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.