Chemical Guys White Car Care Kit

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Chemical Guys White Car Care Kit comes with everything you need to detail any white car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Bad wash habits and products cause swirls and scratches that ruin the look and reflection. The White Car Kit combines every essential cleaner, gloss enhancer, wax, and accessory needed to get the best appearance from your white car. Over 95% of swirls and scratches come from washing and drying with poor quality soaps and towels. Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss Car Wash Soap lifts and lubricates abrasive dirt and debris with slick foamy suds before they can scratch paintwork. Premium Monster Edgeless Microfiber Towels dry water off the surface with a soft touch that traps any missed dirt for a scratch-free drying experience. The White Car Kit also comes packaged with White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish to enhance deep gloss and reflection, and Butter Wet Wax for durable protection with a warm wet shine. White Light restores the original shine back to white colored cars. The gloss enhancing formula removes yellowing, stains, and conceals light swirls and imperfections. Protecting your white car is important. UV solar rays and environmental contamination can destroy white paintwork. Butter Wet Wax is blended using all-natural Brazilian Carnauba wax to provide durable protection to your white car. Apply White Light and Butter Wet Wax with two premium ultra-soft microfiber applicator pads. Maintain the scratch-free shine between full washes and remove light dirt, dust, or fingerprints with Hybrid V7 Quick Detail Spray. Choose the Chemical Guys White Car Kit to clean, enhance, and protect any white car for a show winning shine.

Kit Includes:
Citrus Wash n Gloss - 16oz
Hybrid V7 - 16oz
White Light - 16oz
Butter Wet Wax - 16oz
2x Applicators
3x Microfiber Towels