Chemical Guys White Paint Maintenance Kit

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Chemical Guys White Paint Maintenance Kit combines all the essentials to take white paintwork to the next level. The kit comes with White Light: Hybrid Radiant Finish, White Wax: Luminous Glow Infusion, two premium UFO foam applicator pads, and two white Monster Edgeless microfiber towels. Following the Detail Flowchart, start by washing your car with your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap, or EcoSmart waterless detailing system. Conduct a clay bar service to decontaminate the paintwork and exterior surfaces, and make them feel as smooth as glass. Next, lay down a thin, even coat of White Light to fill minor swirls and scratches, enhance glow and reflection, and lay down a durable coating of protection against UV sun, and the elements. Finally, top the white paintwork to perfection with White Wax for enhanced glow, deep-wet shine, and extended protection against the elements. Whether you have a brand new white car, a well-maintained garage queen, or a well-used daily driver, clean and protect it with the Chemical Guys White Paint Maintenance Kit.

Kit Includes:
White Light - 16oz
White Wax - 8oz
2x Wax Applicator
2x Microfiber Towel