Chemical Guys Workhorse Microfiber Towels - Blue 3pk

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Chemical Guys Workhorse Microfiber Towels are a super absorbent towel which removes dirt and grime for a streak-free shine on any windshield side window, rear view mirror, or gauge cluster. This premium towel is made with super soft 70/30 blend microfiber for scratch-free wiping on sensitive optical plastic on navigation screens and instrument panels. This 70/30 blend stays soft through dozens of wash and dry cycles, and resists scratches and swirls on all automotive surfaces. The plush square towel easily folds into fours for efficient use of every inch of the cloth. Blue Workhorse Towels pick up and trap dirt and debris, and easily remove any premium Chemical Guys glass cleaner. Remove dirt, water spots, grease, bird droppings, insect splatters, and fingerprints for crystal-clear windows and glass. The ultra-absorbent towels trap liquids and solids like dirt and dust deep inside the fibers and away from glass for superior optical clarity. Blue Workhorse Towels now come in versatile 16’’ x 16’’ sizes and jumbo XL 24’’ x 16’’ for cleaning extra large windows or vehicles with a lot of glass. Clean glass and optical plastic with Blue Workhorse Microfiber Towels for enhanced visibility and safety any time you drive your car.

Size is 16" x 16".